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Rita changed her stars

"You feel great, you feel amazing, you're in great shape, you have tons of energy." - Mark

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"I was a kid that was about to drop out of school, John became a brother/father figure, gave me a bunch of different advice that I wasn’t used to hearing. He asked me, ‘Would you be interested to see how far you can take yourself mentally and physically?’ I thought that was an interesting question. I had never asked myself that before.

The majority of my life I struggled with depression and anxiety and I’d been on medication for it. Through the 49 days I felt calmness and confidence. You become a magnet for opportunities, because you elevate your chi, your internal energy, through breath and breathing exercises raising vibration…it’s a hard thing to explain.

I am very thankful that I met John. Because of the impact of this program, I finished college. And I’ve been off the depression medication for years now. I still do the moving meditation 3 times a week. I don’t feel as good if I don’t do it.

It was all the aspects of the disciplines it wasn’t just the workout portion. John and Grand Master’s teachings had a profound influence on my life. His belief that the universe always provides…in our society we are always taught to fear things. John helped me to see that everything will be taken care of if we’re being good, if we’re trying, if we’re doing our part. He always had a sense of calm about him. And I know that well enough now to where that sense of calm is within me.

If I hadn’t done the 49 days then life would be more empty and not as fulfilling."

Mark Skirkanich

"I felt like Bruce Lee"

"I mean I felt like Bruce Lee. I focused on one spot on the wall…my legs were burning, butt started trembling…you feel it, but you have to block it all out. Next thing you know you’ve punched 300 times!"

Greg J.

"My mindset changed. To be more mindful of what I do and to control my thinking"

"That feeling of always having to be a better: a better wife, a better this or that, a perfectionist always…it lessened. My mindset changed. To be more mindful of what I do and to control my thinking, my binge eating of sweets or whatever. I became mindful during this time with John. I never even thought of that type of thing."

Sima G.

"Completely cleared my mind."

"The workouts shook it all up in a way. It was a moving meditation. Took me through emotions, things I had been feeling and stuff I didn’t even know I had inside of me. Completely cleared my mind."

Greg J.

"This ended up being key to my success as a rower"

"Doing the kick I was building up the aerobic, the cardio without [me] even knowing it, because there was this intense focus on the breathing. This was new to me. The 49 days was surprisingly this really great springboard to my cardio fitness. I learned how to concentrate on the breath and breathe through the pain. This ended up being key to my success as a rower."

Greg C.

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"the best thing I’ve ever done for myself and my family!"

"After a while of doing Yoga, I was told about the 49 day challenge that John was offering. I wasn’t sure I could handle the discipline but I was definitely intrigued. I became convinced that it would improve my quality of life in so many ways so I decided to do it. I can tell you now, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself and my family! I couldn’t possibly have imagined the affect it would have on my life. Not only did it make me physically and mentally stronger than I’ve ever been in my life but It made me see things differently. It made me appreciate so many more things that I always took for granted. My energy levels were through the roof! It’s difficult to explain the many benefits without sounding crazy but it truly is an amazing gift. I’m so grateful to John and his staff for teaching and assisting me through the process and I’ll be forever in debt to them for changing my life for the better. Live the Seven!"

Billy Hartigan

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